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  • Ambulance / Paramedic Driver Training

    12 hours (3 days training, test on the 3rd day & test fee) 16 hours (4 days training, test on the 4th day & test fee) 20 hours (5 days...

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  • LGV / HGV / PCV & CPC Training

    We specialize in intensive driving training courses for Car and trailer, Category C LGV (Class 2 HGV), C+E LGV (Class 1 HGV), PCV Category D1 and D (Minibus and coach)...

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  • HGV / LGV & PCV Jobs

    After passing your HGV/LGV and PCV training you will get lots of opportunity to work as LGV/HGV and PCV professional drivers. There is always a Large demand for HGV/LGV and...

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Welcome To Big On Driver Training LGV/HGV, Ambulance/Paramedic, Minibus, Car & Trailer Training

Kickstart your driving! With one of our driver training courses.

We specialize in intensive driving training courses for Car, Class 1 HGV and Class 2 HGV / Category C LGV and C+E LGV , PCV (Minibus), Ambulance/ Paramedic Driver training and Car and Trailer training. The intensive driving training courses we offer will allow you to be on the road promptly. Training will be provided by our qualified specialist trainers on one to one sessions using one of the many collection of excellent standard vehicles we have.

Our key focus is to provide individual tailored courses that meet the needs of each individual student. We teach and support our students, our key focus is to instill road safety and ensure our students are driving to high standards. The result? We have high pass rates, our students hold lifetime skills and knowledge on driving of their chosen field which can be utilized when driving for personal usage or used as part of their career.

We will take load off you and do the the admin work at NO extra cost. It is all the part of personal service we provide. We will book your medical, help you fill the forms, get your theory tests booked at the theory test center nearest to you and at dates and times that suits you.  Why not give us a call today to get it started.

Professional tuition from :-

Car and trailer
LGV driver training / HGV driver training,
Ambulance / Paramedic Driver Training
PCV driver training,
Driver CPC periodic training,
All at competitive prices.

HGV Training & LGV Training and Ambulance / Paramedic Driver Training in Staffordshire

Category C LGV / HGV Class 2 (All Rigid Vehicles)
Category C licence will enable you to drive any rigid vehicles with a small trailer. You would be expected to earn up to 25k a year. From start to finish services check out our competitive prices.

Category C+E LGV / HGV Class 1 (Articulated Vehicles)
In one course you can complete your Category C and C+E training, your earning potential is up to 30k a year. You can train over 5 days if you already have a C license. From start to finish services, check out our competitive packages prices.

HGV means Heavy Goods Vehicle and LGV means Large Goods Vehicle.
Click on the above tabs for more details.

LGV C+E = HGV Class 1
LGV C = HGV Class 2
LGV C1 = over 3.5t up to 7.5 tonne (C1+E with a trailer)

If you passed after January 1997, and you're over 18, you don't have to take LGV C1 first. Go straight to LGV C (HGV Class 2) and choose Back-to-Back Training if after passing C you want LGV C+E (HGV Class 1).

LGV C – up to 32 tonnes (HGV Class 2)
Wallace LGV C (HGV Class 2) Training Vehicles

Go straight to LGV C - no need to pass LGV C1 first.

With our 12 tonne vehicles you will be licensed to drive any type of rigid vehicle up to 32 tonnes.

Want to upgrade? Choose Back-to-Back training and test now or take later, to get your HGV Class 1 / LGV C+E licence to drive trucks with trailers.